Saturday, March 3, 2012

Luang Prabang In Pictures

Here are the photo highlights on Luang Prabang (our first stop in Laos)
        More commentary to follow... Hopefully!

Safe arrival at LPQ internatinal

First night out in Luang Prabang....
Welcome to Lao Lao Garden, a good for getting an understanding of Lao food (and beverages)
Lao Lao Gareden Menu offering some informational reading to foreigners
Cheers, my friend

 The scariness that was the our accommodation the first night
Should all this electrical stuff really be next to this shower area??

A new day, and new place to say.... we're going to visit the Kuang Si waterfall...

Hiking up to the top of the falls. (or down? I can't remember)

Watched a little green snake eat his lunch on the way back down to the swimming areas

That looks like a good spot for swimming
Okay, lets go!

We came across a bear sanctuary while at the waterfall. A guy from Australia, 
Luke, told us all about the program, Free the Bears
We're pretty sure we're going to volunteer for the organization when we get to Cambodia.

Riding back to town in a Tuk Tuk

Covered, open beds of the back of trucks seem to be only way to get any place in part of the world. 
What's a seat belt, again?!?

Back to Lao Lao Garden for some Lao BBQ

Third day in Luang Prabag, we found some bikes and found a little more of the town.....

The property of "The Grand-Luang Prabang"
This is where people on a slightly different budget from us like to go.

The Posey market....
     The largest market to be found in Luang Prabang, and is primarily for locals.



Cigarette Supplies 


Does anyone care for the fillet tonight??

Finding our way back to town.

Back at our hostel for some R&R&Internet

Luang Prabang Sunset

Tuk Tuks running around at night

Luang Prabang Night Market This gets set up and taken down EVERY night.

Street Buffet for dinner on the last night

 The morning we left we got up early to watch the monks and alms giving ceremony.  

Unfortunately it appeared to be more of tourist set up than anything else. The monks took the food from tourists, who had purchased it from the locals running around. Then turned down the corner and gave it right back to, what appeared to be, begging children.
       .... and all these people were here to take pictures of it


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  1. Hey Girls!!!! Damn I wish I was with you guys right now! At least the kids got the food in the end right?