Friday, March 30, 2012

We're really going to do this....

Okay, so those of you reading this know well enough, by now, that my normal habit is to post things many days after they have already occurred. Well, today I'm changing it up a little. The Vietnam summary and "Best and Worst of SE Asia" have been put on hold, as I sit here and try to contemplate what the next two weeks will entail.

Michelle and I arrived in Nepal two days ago following a mild depression due to the fact that we were leaving SE Asia. Well, we've snapped out of it and are loving live, once again, in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.  Our primary purpose in visiting Nepal, however, is to hike the Annapurna Sanctuary in the Himalayas. We will be doing this with a G-Adventures (formerly known as GAP adventures.) Likely among a group of people who love fun and adventure as much as we do.

Anyhow, I've been on the website, all morning, becoming equally excited and nervous as I read over and over the itinerary once again.  I don't believe I have read it, in full, since the day we booked the tour.  Then I nerd-ed out a little and made an easy-to-read chart of the places we're hiking to, the elevation, and approximate times we'll be trekking each day.  I even went to far as to make it into a graph in excel, but can not figure out how to copy the graph into a blog post, so you'll just have to imagine that one on your own.

Please see below...  and especially check out what happens on day nine! Please send some successful and oxygen filled thoughts our way before you go bed on April 8th, thanks!

Day Hike Description Elev (mts) elev (ft) approx time dist (kms) dist (miles)
4 Pokhera - Nayapool (driving) 1035 3394.8 2hrs 46 28.52
4 Naypool -Tirkhedhunga 1535 5034.8 3-4hrs 7 4.34
5 Tirkhedhunga -Ghorepani 2873 9423.44 6-7hrs 12 7.44
6 Ghorepani-Poon Hill 3210 10528.8 90min 1.5 0.93
Poon hill-Tadapani 2500 8200 4-5hrs 9 5.58
7 Tradapani-Chhomrong 2100 6888 4hrs 8 4.96
8 Chhomrog-Himalaya Hostel 2820 9249.6 6-7hrs 9 5.58
9 Himalaya Hostel-Annapurna Base camp 4130 13546.4 7-8hrs 9 5.58
10 Annaputna base camp -bamboo 2300 7544 6-7hrs 13.5 8.37
11 Bamboo -Jhinu Danda hotsprings 1700 5576 5hrs 8.5 5.27
12 Jhinu Danda -Pothana 1900 6232 6-7 hrs 9 5.58
13 Pothana-Phedi 930 3050.4 2hrs 5 3.1

Here we are at 45 or 46 or 4700-something meters in Peru just under a year go....
My plan is to have just as big a smile on my face when we make it to base camp!

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  1. Wow, nice table, and metric too! LOve it!! Enjoy the clean pure air up there