Monday, February 20, 2012

because pictures are fun

It seems to take me forever to keep up on writing about everything on this trip.  Uploading pictures is not a process that goes much faster, but here are a few for the last couple of days.

Close encounter in Khao Yai National Park

Not my favorite thing to find, but still cool.

Exploring the Temple ruins in Ayutthaya...

The most photographed Buddha in Ayuthaya

Hiking through the jungle on our way to a Karen Village in Northern Thailand...

Home in the jungle for the night

I think I'll shower when we get back to Chiang Mai

Camping out on floor mats, this place isn't to bad.
Then we found this guy and tried to chase him
out of our sleeping space.
While doing that, we came across this guy! Ahhhh!

Back in Chiang Mai for the Sunday market
rover crew.... this one is for you!

good breakfast spot

Mallard ducks at the zoo in Chaing Mai!

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