Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where have I been lately??

Where have I been??

Many places actually.  To those of you who read this on any regular basis you’ve likely noticed by now that I’ve fallen in to my bad habit of not updating my blog.  Since last writing, life has been pretty good.

After posing and super-tourists for a few days we continued to enjoy Turkey  for another week and a half visiting Pammakle, Bodrum, Selcuk, and the acient city of Ephesus.

After Turkey we spent a week ferry riding and island hoping in the Greek isles visiting Samos, Mykonos, and Santorini.   Following our island vacation we gave ourselves a couple days in Athens where our friend Nick, who we met in Goreme, took us in for a few nights.  Unfortunately we did not have time to go anywhere outside of Athens, so I will have to return in the future to see more of what Greece has to offer.

Last Saturday we arrived in London to where we were met by our friend, Brandon.  We met Brandon in Chile last fall. He lives in London and offered to put us up for the week.  While staying with him we visited Stonehenge, and some of the other highlights in the south of England.

Today we start a seven day cruise of southern Norway.  On Monday we’ll be in Oslo where we’ll be met my Elise who we met while traveling in Peru last spring and Dennis who was a part of our Annapurna hike in April. 

If it didn’t cost a million dollars a minute to be on the internet on a cruise ship I’d post some more pictures, but that is going to backburner until sometime next week.  Hopefully I have a few more stories for you by then too. 

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