Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm not sure the rain gear was really necessary

No surprise, I'm already behind in the writing and I have only been gone for two days!  Today we went to the Argentina side of Iguassu Falls.  It was pouring rain at the beginning of the day and it never really let up.  Once we got to the falls there was water coming at us in all directions.

Because of the rain and water I did not risk taking any pictures with dslr. However, Michelle brought along here waterproof walmart camera and we got few to prove we were there...

First stop, a train ride to the Garganta del Diablo (the devil's throat)

There were several others here, but I was able to get one shot of Rebecca in between crowds

After the Devils Throat we took the train back to the "upper circut" for a few nice views of the falls.

                                                                                               There was just a few other tourists there...

                                                         Next stop, boat ride into the falls

                                                          Getting Closer

This is one serious waterfall... are we in a hurricane or a river??  

That boat ride was so much fun, we thought about jumping back in! 
(I haven't figured out how to turn pics in this thing yet!)

It was  fun day. And it's only the first day of adventure!  We have all dried out, and as I sit here writing, we're planning to go for a traditional Brazilian dinner spot, We have heard good things about the place we're going, Buffalo Bronco.  Stay tuned!

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