Sunday, October 9, 2011

Iguassu part two

Today we visited the falls from the other side, the Brazil side.  We got to sleep in an hour later than yesterday.  This was a good thing as Michelle and I took our chances with with local drink last night, Caipirnha, last night. Unlike pisco sour, it was easy to stop after just one!  The started with a visit to Itaipu, the world's largest hydroelectric dam.  It was rather interesting. The best part, however, was the part where the bus took over the Paraguay.  Add one more country to the list please, thankyou!

After the dam we took a brief stop at the hotel to pick up Dave and Katy - our travel friends for the day, then we were off the see the falls.  The weather has not been the greatest the last couple of the days so we were happy when we saw a hint of the sun on the way there. With the weather clearing, that also meant a better chance we were going to be able to take the helicopter ride over the fall! 

After we got the entrance Dave and Katy went a different direction to rappel down the falls, and Reb and Michelle and I headed down the trail to see the panoramic view of the falls.  It was magnificent.

Here's a few shots from the walk...

The boats we took for a ride yesterday

You had to be quick to get a picture without strangers, but we managed to get a few:

The trail along the Brazil side of the falls is only about 1km long  Despite the crowds and the pushing and shoving at all the good photo-op stops we managed to really enjoy it.  It took an hour and a half to go from one end to the other.  We saw many creatures along the way…

After leaving the falls we stopped for one more fantastic view. The view from above. The weather had remained nice and the helicopters were running!  We got in the short line and waited for our turn.  Katy and Dave joined us, so there was five of us in a six passenger chopper.  Perfect, everybody gets a window seat!  

So our visit to Iguassu Falls was nothing short of successful.  We saw the falls from Argentina and Brazil,  in the rain and in the sun, from the bottom and the top, from the inside and the outside! We didn’t get to eat three meals in three countries in one day, but that’s okay, I think Katy and Dave are going to do that for us!  

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